Production and Assembly

China Technology offer our a wide range of production processes including Plastic Injection Moulding, Plastic Mouldings, Aluminium/Zinc/Magnesium & Brass Die Casting, CNC machining, Pressing & Forming, etc and a wide range of surface finishing options which include chrome plating, painting, printing, anodising, etc.

Our Assembly facilities include high tech automated lines for high volume production as well as manual assembly lines for low volume products. We also offer Clean Room facilities.

China Technology has developed long term relationships with key suppliers. We focus on supporting our suppliers and enhancing their existing management structure. We help them to introduce process management techniques that reduce waste, improve yield and are based on continuous improvement with the aim on maintaining high quality and competitive pricing.

CNC machining used for precision machined parts Plastic mouldings facility Large plastic moulding facility In production inspection CNC machining used for second opp machining of castings Assembly facility