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Highly visual mouldings for the automotive industry Telecommunications Audio/visual and domestic appliance products Beer Fonts and other equipment for the Drinks Dispense industry

Additional Information

plastic moulding company


We take plastic for granted in this country. Without this material our homes would be emptied of a number of essential items. Walk into the average kitchen and you`ll be greeted with kettles, toasters, bread makers and blenders that have been assembled with using moulded plastic casings. Open a kitchen cupboard and plastic food containers will greet you and these too will have started out life at a plastic moulding company. A plastic moulding company can be held responsible for a wide range of everyday products within the home. In bathrooms electric showers are common features and their controls are usually contained within a plastic surround. Curved designs can be created by the plastic moulding company and their skills are in high demand. The automotive industry is another sector where moulded plastic is often required. Light covers on a vehicle can be made from moulded plastic as can a host of interior accessories. Indeed, the mighty moulding company can be working on behalf of an audio company one week and then catering for the medical industry the next. Such is their versatility they can work on a wide range of projects providing technical management, tool making, production and assembly, plus quality and testing throughout.





When I was a wee nipper I had a fine collection of die-cast cars of which I was extremely proud. My fine fleet of tiny vehicles consisted of miniature motors from leading manufacturers like Corgi and Dinky. They must have been busy in those days, diecasting cars that were to be exported all around the globe. Today model cars are still constructed using diecasting processes and the detail that goes into each one of them is truly amazing. Although I`m a grown man and my original collection of toy cars has long since gone to the scrap heap I still have a few modern models that I keep for display purposes. Thankfully the diecasting industry is still going strong and molten metal can be forced into mould cavities to create a wide range of products. Sturdy metal parts can be created using this technique and specialist companies can carry out the work on behalf of their clients. It can work out to be highly cost-effective to export this process to overseas countries like China. Here dedicated teams can produce high volume orders whilst ensuring that tight budgets are adhered to. I was first introduced to die-cast products when I was a wee lad and my dad bought me my very first toy car. I bet millions of boys all around the world have built up collections of toy cars that have been created using die-cast moulds.



mould tools


Metal components and plastic parts can be fashioned out of unique moulds that have been created for a particular project. Tool making firms can design, construct and export mould tools to locations all around the globe. UK based firms can outsource their tool making requirements to overseas shores as this often proves to be less expensive in the long run. China is just one company that can provide dedicated mould tools for clients who are based in Great Britain. Both low volume and high volume budget tooling can be produced to meet with customer requirements. All of the mould tools will be suitable for UK production lines and full support is provided by UK tool facilities. It stands to reason that the latest tool making facilities will be used and state-of-the-art technology is utilised as part of the process. Moulds can be produced to unique customer designs and their specifications will be adhered to at all times. There are numerous cost benefits to outsourcing technical projects to China. Of course, some companies might be wary of the problems that might arise when dealing with overseas firms. However, with assistance from a UK based team who work with select supplier partners in the east, moulds can be created on time and well within a set budget.



plastic injection moulding


Intricate plastic moulding can be use on a wealth of products. Manufacturers that require cost-effective plastic injection moulding might find that outsourcing their projects to technical engineers that work with carefully selected supply partners proves to be a wise move. For years countries like China have been working in close collaboration with UK based firms and their support has helped countless products reach the open market. A whole range of services can be offered from structured project management to quality and testing. The plastic injection moulding can be used in a hoist of industries from the automotive sector to the electronics industry. Think of lighting clusters that are fixed to vehicles or shower control enclosures that come in unique designs. Plastic is a highly versatile substance that can be used for many purposes. The latest plastic injection moulding techniques make it easy to manipulate the materials into many types of shapes. Intricate plastic moulding can be required in some instances and technical teams like to tackle testing projects whenever they can. Product ranges are vast and the average household now benefits from a number of items that have been constructed and assembled within plastic enclosures. Make no bones about it without plastic mouldings, everyday objects in life would take on whole new appearances.